Product development, china sourcing and manufacturing A full-service product development firm specializing in China sourcing and manufacturing, Markel has been developing products for small and mid-sized businesses since 1989.

With more than a decade of experience sourcing from China, Markel offers access to China's low-cost tooling and production capabilities. Through our network of manufacturers and suppliers, you can enjoy the advantage of offshore pricing while minimizing the uncertainty of doing business in China.

Whether you need engineering services, sourcing or a complete development and manufacturing package, Markel can help you bring quality products to market at competitive prices.
Asian manufacturing, manufacturing knowledge, on-site factory support
Among companies offering manufacturing services in Asia, we believe you will find that Markel is unique.
  • Unlike many who offer these services, we are not brokers. First and foremost, we are engineers. Through technology transfer, we help our partner factories in China push their standard manufacturing envelope to develop innovative solutions for tooling and producing your product.
  • We know manufacturing, and that knowledge is paramount when working with Chinese factories. Our manufacturing engineers work closely with our Asian partners to troubleshoot, resolve problems, and maintain the integrity of your product design.
  • We are personally on site at our Asian factories overseeing tooling and production for your project, and we don't come home until the job is done.
Product design, engineering services, China sourcing, China manufacturing, 24/7 manufacturing support
  • Professional product design and engineering services
  • China sourcing for existing and new projects
  • Offshore manufacturing using select factories in Asia
  • Responsive U.S.-based management team
  • Direct factory presence at critical production points
  • 24/7 manufacturing support through our Shenzhen office
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