China sourcing, China manufacturing When it comes to manufacturing, China is an attractive alternative for companies of every size. China's low-cost tooling and unit pricing can afford a significant advantage over domestic manufacturing. Considering the benefits, why haven't more U.S. companies switched to Chinese production?

Because cost is not the issue in China. With the click of a mouse, anyone can find a low-cost Asian manufacturer. The challenge in China is finding a reliable manufacturer – a process that can take many years. Whereas in western cultures business is often conducted between strangers, relationships in China are cultivated over time. These carefully cultivated relationships are requisite for doing business in China.
Reputable offshore manufacturing, China manufacturing
Reputable offshore manufacturing, manufacturing in China, plastic manufacturing in China, plastic injection moldingMarkel’s longstanding alliances with factories in China can help your company realize the cost-savings of offshore manufacturing without the uncertainly of working with an overseas manufacturer. Our partner factories have been thoroughly vetted and have a track record for quality and reliability. We have personal relationships with the owners and managers of our affiliated factories, so any issues can be resolved directly with the decision-makers.

To assure the best possible service and pricing, we are continually expanding our vendor network and have the resources to locate suppliers for new product categories. In addition to turnkey manufacturing services, we can source components such as LCD screens, LED lighting, and batteries.  
Proactive service, reliable offshore factories, 24/7 manufacturing support, quality control, offshore sourcing
We do whatever it takes to assure the success of your project. Whether you need custom manufacturing or off-the-shelf products, Markel's sourcing services can help maximize your competitive advantage while minimizing the risks of doing business offshore. Let us put our experience in China to work for you.
  • Reliable pre-screened manufacturing facilities
  • 24/7 manufacturing support through our Shenzhen office
  • Direct factory presence at critical production points
  • Quality control including inspection of first articles and final inspection prior to shipment
  • Offshore sourcing of components and specialty items
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